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One of our passions is vision and training for teachers. That’s why we produce training materials yearly for children’s ministry.

As with all our materials, download these for free and print as many copies as you want.

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Let's Make Noise!

Instead of telling the children to keep quiet, utilize noise to help them learn with these ideas.

Your Hands Speak

Use your hands to make your teaching more dynamic for the kids.


Rise Up Warrior

“God has work each of us. Some He sends to the infantry and some to the army. We need teachers called to children’s ministry who will take their work seriously. We need leaders who are climbing the internal ladder so that they can, in turn, teach their students to do the same. We all need to climb a ladder – the RIGHT ladder." - Kristina Krauss, founder of Children are Important ministry.

This book is easy to read and easy to apply to your life. Don’t forget to complete the worksheet in the last chapter and write down your steps while climbing up the ranks.

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