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Children, conferences and training, materials“Children are Important” is an inter-denominational, para-church organization founded in 2005. Our focus is children’s ministry worldwide with a special emphasis on materials.

We have two differences from many other organizations. First, we put all our materials online as free downloads. Our printed materials are priced at-cost, but we do not restrict photocopies. The second difference is that we do not repeat materials often, but create NEW Sunday school and VBS curriculums every year.

We are based one hour outside of Mexico City. For the past ten years, we have been creating Spanish materials for Latin America with the ministry name “Los Niños Cuentan.” In 2014, we opened up our vision to include more of the world with the English language. In 2015, we started also translating our materials into Portuguese, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Marathi. We currently have a staff of 20 people, on and off-site, working in the office creating the materials, in translation, in the print shop, or working in sales. We are a team of brothers and sisters in Christ, working to help you.

You are here to change lives; we are here to help you.

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Otumba, Mexico State (Near Mexico City)
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Many churches all around the world are working to reach the next generation without sufficient resources. All of our material on the web is free to download, free to photocopy, and free to use and give away. Yes, you saw that correctly-it is completely FREE!

Every year we continue to write and produce new materials. That way, you can use whatever we have available now without worrying about tomorrow. There will be brand new materials available next year, too! We provide fun designs with an easy-to-print format. You do not have to download each week’s lesson because each Sunday school curriculum is laid out in 13-week units. You can download and print the teacher’s book and student’s book for your age group, and you will be ready for the next three months of classes.

We currently have over 1000 unique visitors to our website every day, downloading an average of 10 gigabytes daily from 28 different countries. This would average 700 books downloaded daily! With these numbers, we can conservatively estimate that last year, 1.5 million children were learning about God from our VBS and Sunday School materials. Praise God!

Because the need is so large and printing can be so expensive, we also have a print shop here in Mexico. We sell printed books in Spanish AT COST. We are not here to make money but to win the next generation for Jesus Christ. In 2014, we printed and shipped books to over 2500 churches from 13 different denominations, with printed student books for more than 150,000 children. We hope soon to be printing in India as well.

The second part of our vision is training, vision, and practical tips for teachers. Our job is to encourage, inspire and provide material for dedicated teachers, allowing them to concentrate on the real ministry to children around them. We want to help you last for years without quitting. We know just how hard it is to keep teaching Sunday School or to keep running that breakfast program or to keep raising funds to be able to buy the supplies you need for your children’s ministry. It is very easy to want to quit, but there is joy in the work and in seeing the fruit in the lives of children. We do this with encouraging articles, training videos, and live conferences. At this time, all our training resources are in Spanish, but we will begin to produce for India soon.

We hope you will find encouragement and resources here. Welcome to ChildrenAreImportant.com!