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Welcome teachers to “Submerge in the Word,” a new program from your children’s ministry source, www.childrenareimportant.com.

Your students are going to LOVE this under-the-water theme loaded with all sorts of crazy ocean animals as they do Bible dramas, eat fishy snacks, act out funky fish and dive into the Word of God. As the teacher, you will enjoy this theme as it is easy to decorate and easy to make WAVES of fun. Although this material will be fun for you and your students, the need for this material is anything but fun. 

Ocean background music (Download music to enrich your classroom!) Download the soundtrack

Logo Submerge in the Word Sunday School by Children are ImportantBullying is a plague that has arisen around the world. Studies show that 30% of children and youth are being bullied in some way, and now with the internet, cyberbullying is becoming more and more rampant.  Although mainly present in children ages 12-15, it has expanded to children of all ages. Your students are experiencing mocking, threats, physical aggression and isolation, often being victimized repeatedly. Bullying is now one of the main causes in suicides among young people and it only takes a few minutes watching the news to see that no nation has avoided this plague. I believe the Body of Christ, Christian churches from every denomination, should lead the way in stopping bullying.

The Word of God has all the answers we need: both in verses to memorize and real-life examples in Bible stories. This material “Submerge in the Word” is written to help students know what to do in a bullying situation, and how to be an example to others around them. Our theme verse is:

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” 1 Timothy 4:12

If we could train our children from a young age to be an example in these 5 areas, I believe we can actually change our world. Can you imagine a city or country where children from all the Christian churches were seen at school, on the playground, or on Facebook to be living examples to others in these 5 areas?
We cannot wait until they are 12 years old to train them how to handle bullying, because then it would be too late! Let’s start when they are young and teach our students to be examples in:

  • Their speech to others and about others
  • Their conduct protecting victims or reacting to a bully
  • Their love in practical ways every day
  • Their faith in God, publicly on display
  • Their purity and refusal to be changed by the world’s standards

When each of us hear stories on the news from our own countries, it can bring us to tears. But we are not hopeless to do something about this plague. We can look at real-life situations with our students and ask them the question, “What would Jesus do?” As we look at these Bible stories and discuss what Jesus might do in each situation, we can make a real difference in the lives of our students. 
Will you dive into this theme with me? You might get wet, but it is well worth it!


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