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Welcome to the Galaxy Express VBS program!

The teachers will enjoy transforming your church or club area into a space shuttle, the ‘Galaxy Express’ where each day the whole group will ‘take-off’ into outer space to explore the wonders of God. Children will have a blast as they fly in the space ship, leaning to the left and right as they imagine the ship is making turns and avoiding asteroids. The audio tracks for the take off and landing will make the kid’s imagination come to life, as well as the daily skits with the captain and his assistant robot.
Each day you will take the kids on a journey to a space station either on the moon, a star or another planet, where they will learn about the greatness of God from the life of Moses. Everyone will enjoy singing together the music, complete with actions to the songs.

After the time on the “bridge,” the children will split into classes by age-group and head to the docking bay, where they will learn a space application to the lesson, as well as work in their student books. After class, they rotate throughout the shuttle, heading to engineering to work on crafts, and the mess hall for snacks. In these smaller groups, your students get to know each other and their teachers, creating new friendships that last the whole year long.

It’s easy to call all the kids back together with one of the songs from the new CD ‘Galaxy Express’ to wrap up the VBS with some fun in the rec-room. Close the day with some songs, a prayer, and don’t forget to invite them back to VBS the next day!

I hope you enjoy this vacation Bible school... I know you will put lots of creativity into it, and make it “Out of this world!”


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