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How exciting it is to return to the first Sunday school material I wrote years ago when we were only starting this ministry with children. In our first year in Sonora, Mexico we lived in a trailer home on a large plot of salt dirt... no trees, no running water, and no electricity. But there this material was born. The day that I finished the last lesson, God spoke to me and told me to continue writing material for children’s ministry. With this curriculum began what is now my call to the ministry: to provide economic materials for the body of Christ and help raise the next generation to become followers of Christ with complete devotion. We have changed some things from the original material; some puzzles, crafts, and a more striking design, but the weekly secret message with the decoder key will be as fun for the children as it was for the first time. What began with 30 churches, and then grew to hundreds has now reached thousands of churches around the whole world. I thank God that He challenged me and pushed me, and I am grateful that I obeyed the call the Lord put on my life.

The parables of Jesus from the book of Matthew have always been some of my favorite passages. On one hand, this material is the simplest we’ve done, but when you think about the parables of Jesus, there is nothing simple in their messages. Jesus chose to teach the crowds with riddles and let people try to interpret His teaching, but He explained the lessons for his disciples.

Your job as a teacher is to let the imagination of students fly, letting them imagine that they are detectives. They will soon discover what Jesus meant in each of these parables that we will be studying in these 13 weeks. The more you let the students investigate for themselves, the more they will learn in each lesson. Soon they will be understanding the secret message of the material; that the Kingdom of God can be found…

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