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Are you ready to put on your cowboy hat and kick up yer boots for some real rip-roarin’ fun? You guessed it! It’s time to decorate your church with a cowboy theme, put some balloon cacti on the walls, and turn up the speakers with country music.

This vacation Bible school has an evangelistic focus. Your students will learn stories from the life of Jesus Christ each day in an exciting way with play dough. Over the week they will discover God’s ultimate plan for salvation with five key Bible verses from the book of Romans (known in some countries and denominations as the “Roman’s Road”). Each lesson is supported with a super-fun drama/skit that will kick off each day of your VBS with laughter. Decoration will be easy with bales of hay or straw, cacti everywhere, red checkered table cloths, burlap, bandanas, hanging paper lanterns, cowboy hats and of course a jail at the front of your church!

This brand-new VBS was written by the creative team at “Children are Important” and, as always, is available completely free to download, print, and use. We have written this VBS, complete with songs, actions to songs, crafts, snacks, hand-outs, and more, so that YOU can reach children in your community. Take this opportunity to evangelize because people need to hear the gospel!

How can they, if someone doesn’t put on a VBS?

“And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?” Romans 10:14b



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