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Welcome to your source of free curriculum, syllabi, and resources for children's ministry! Join thousands of churches around the world and take your Sunday School and VBS to the highest international standards... all for free! You are here to change lives; we are here to help you.

Our materials are FREE to download, FREE to print, FREE to use, and FREE to distribute to other churches and ministries without obligations.

This means there is no copyright notice and you can make copies of any of these materials without restriction. You are not even required to register before downloading books! Feel free to distribute books to other ministries, too.


Vacation Bible School curriculum

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Download complete packages with lessons, activities, dramas, snacks, crafts, and music for your VBS.

Sunday School curriculum

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Download complete packages with fun and innovative themed Sunday school that will challenge both you and your students to live for Jesus!

Training for children's ministry

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Receive inspiration and practical tips for you and your team, including live online events that you can attend from anywhere in the world!

See our training materials in English.

Interdenominational material

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All curriculum available here is written for all denominations. Only the universal principles of Christianity are covered, so you can be confident when showing this material to your pastor.

See what we believe for more information. (English)


How to print books

  1. Download complete curriculum
  2. Put books on a USB pen drive / memory stick
  3. Print 1 copy of each book at a cyber cafe or printing store
  4. Make as many photocopies of each book as you want
  5. Teach class!



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