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Teacher's taking care of your garden of children's ministry series

Teacher's Series "Taking Care of Your Garden of Children's Ministry"

Watch this series on Facebook LIVE every Tuesday and Thursday this July. Complete the 8 homework assignments for a certificate of course completion from Children are Important.

Garden lesson 1 PDF / Garden lesson 1 JPG

Garden lesson 2 PDF / Garden lesson 2 JPG

Garden lesson 3 PDF / Garden lesson 3 JPG

Garden lesson 4 PDF / Garden lesson 4 JPG

Garden lesson 5 PDF / Garden lesson 5 JPG

Garden lesson 6 PDF / Garden lesson 6 JPG

For everyone who works in children's ministry, comes a day when we want to quit. But this is the most important ministry of the whole church! What do we do? We use training materials that are full of vision, encouragement, practical ideas, and help for every kind of problem. If you are just training yourself, or training a whole group of teachers from your church or denomination, we want to help you. Each year we create more materials to help each other NOT TO QUIT! Childrens ministry is WORTH IT because we are changing lives for eternity!


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